Album Art Widget. Show off your albums. Rate your music. Find missing artwork. All in a tiny pacakge.

Album Art Widget Screenshot


A fast and compact album art and song rating displaying widget. It displays the album cover art of songs playing in iTunes. It can automatically fetch album art from internet sources and save them to iTunes. Additionally, you can jump easily to the iTunes Music Store page of the current playing song or artist, rate your songs with a single click and pause/skip/play songs without opening the iTunes window.


  • Display album art from iTunes.
  • Display and rate songs (and also unrate!)
  • Display the same tracks of the playing album.
  • Optionally fetch album art from Amazon, Google and YesAsia.
  • Save fetched artwork to iTunes directly.
  • Customisable interface.
  • Control iTunes via keyboard shortcuts (space = pause/play, '<' = previous, '>' = next)
  • Jump to iTunes Music Store to find the playing song.

Latest Version (2.9.5)

  • Fixed Google Images album art fetching.
  • Fixed Amazon album art fetching.

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