27 May 2012

New York - I Live Here Now

Where do I start with New York?

It is everything people say it is, plus some more. It has been eight months since I've been here, and wow does time fly.

There's so much to say about it, there's so much to show about it. I need write down my impressions. I've been wanting to do that ever since I moved here. But the best I've been able to do is to document it with photos.

See my New York 2011 and New York 2012 albums. Whilst I scatter photos in the wind amongst Instagram, G+, Twitter, and by proxy, Facebook, the two albums above are my permanent collection of the amazing things I've seen. Looking through those photographs make me excited and happy.

I hope to write more thoughts down in the coming weeks on all sorts of things that excite me, like street art, typography, signage, architecture - and the amazing vistas this city provides. Like this one:

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