28 May 2012

New York - New Explorer Rules

Patricia and I loved the idea of exploring a new city. So she laid down some rules when we first arrived:

For the first six months in New York, we are not allowed to repeat any restaurants, except:

  • when entertaining guests from out of town,
  • when it is a local place,
  • when it is a coffee shop,
  • when we are taking out,
  • when the other party is not present,

We ended up not using these exceptions much. The exception we used the most is when entertaining out of town visitors. And the rule is there because we don't want to try and mediocre place if visitors are spending precious hours here.

The local restaurant exception we've only invoked a few times, mainly for Shake Shack which is less than 4 streets away. Even then, we've only been there two times under that exception.

Recently, a delicious food fair opened up very close to our place called Madison Square Eats, and they have some delicious food from notable restaurants that we've been going back to repeatedly (Aracini Bros, Momofuku Milk Bar, Roberta's Pizza). This is a grey area, but they do fall in to both the exception of being local, and mainly take out.

The other party not-present repeating exception has also only been invoked when I go to a fabulous place that I want to take Patricia to or vice-versa. I think in recent memory that has only been used two or three times.

Even the coffee shop exception has only been invoked once when we recently repeated one of my favourite coffee shops in New York, Everyman Espresso.

I find it pretty surprising that we've managed to stick to this rule for about eight months.

I'm unsure whether we'll stick to these rules for the next few months, but the spirit of them lives on. There are just so undiscovered things to try in New York, there is no time for dwelling on a favourite. One regret though is that when we stumble across a great place, or a place has a menu that is worth repeating, our rule stops us from revisiting.

So I ended up focusing on curating a list of my Repeatable places we would try out again if we stopped following this rule and also a list of my all time Favourite places in New York.

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