11 May 2012

Need a Hand

With massive hands comes massive responsibilities.

Need a hand is a handy Chrome Extension that allows you to overlay a hand on a web page. You will want to install this extension if:

  • you want check how easy your web site is for touch screen devices like the iPad,
  • you want to demonstrate something and want a very visible pointer,
  • you have a serious hand fetish,
  • you find it amusing to have a giant hand on your screen.

Install Chrome Extension

Or via download directly.

Here is a video demonstration of this in action:

Coming soon: Left hands

Known Problems

  • Doesn't work in Chrome Web Store (due to security restrictions.)
  • Doesn't work in Gmail (because of iframes)
  • Doesn't work that well on Twitter (because of weird javascript DOM issues that I can't begin to understand).
  • Decapitated arm effect for screens larger than 24". Fix coming soon.

You can reply to me about this on Twitter: