May 2012 - This page is now out of date. I've not been doing any research since 2008 but I am still deeply interested in the below topics.


I completed a 4 year undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales. My final year thesis was on Billing and Charging Protocols for Wireless Networks supervised by Dr. Sanjay Jha.

I was pursuing a PhD degree at the Laboratory for Communication Engineering (now known as the Digital Technology Group ) of Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. I was supervised by Prof. Andy Hopper.

My work involved the analysis of Ultra Wideband Positioning Systems and the properties of reflections and the usage in enhancing the accuracy and world model for sentient computing. I am also interested in networking and positioning system coexistence.

Research and Technical Interests

  • Ultra Wideband Systems and Protocols
  • Positioning Systems (Visual, Audio, Radio, etc)
  • Wireless Network Protocols (Bluetooth, 802.11*)
  • Ubiquitious/Sentient/Pervasive Computing
  • Python Programming Language (especially language bindings)
  • Bluetooth Protocol Hacking and Devices
  • Gentoo Linux Development, Package Management Systems
  • Next Generation Web Applications
  • Mac OS X Development (Cocoa/Quicktime)
  • UNIX System Administration.


  • Audio Networking: The Forgotten Wireless Technology. Anil Madhavapeddy, Richard Sharp, David Scott and Alastair Tse. IEEE Pervasive Computing (Volume 4, Number 3). (pdf)
  • A Methodology for Evaluating Wireless Location Sensing Systems: A Bluetooth Case Study. Alastair Tse and Anil Madhavapeddy. Ubicomp 2005, Tokyo, Japan. September 2005. (springer, pdf).
  • Feedback, Latency, Accuracy: Exploring Tradeoffs in Location-Aware Gaming. Kieran Mansley, David Scott, Alastair Tse, Anil Madhavapeddy. Netgames 2004, in conjunction with ACM SIGCOMM 2004. Sheridan. Portland, Oregon, August 2004. (pdf)